Where does Kelli Stargel stand?

Kelli Stargel is dedicated to YOUR FAMILIES & YOUR PRIORITIES.

Cutting Taxes & Helping Small Businesses

  • Balanced budget with over $180 Million in Tax Cuts this year alone.
  • Expanded sales tax holidays to include Disaster Preparedness and School Supplies.
  • Fought for lower taxes and less regulation for our local agricultural businesses to help keep our food grown close to home.

Improving Education for All Ages

  • Won critical funding for Early Childhood Development programs and the expansion of Florida KidCare.
  • Ensured Brights Futures Scholars Award covers 100% of Tuition, Fees and a book stipend.
  • Supported legislation to give millions of dollars to our school district for mental health services and school safety.
  • Supported raises for our teachers.

Supporting Our Veterans & First Responders

  • Committed to making Florida the most veteran-friendly state in the nation.
  • Ensured that our first responders have complete coverage for all on-the-job injuries.
  • Provided pay raises for our state firefighters and state law enforcement officers.

Kelli’s leadership and vision are making a lasting impact on our community.

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