“I know what is possible when consistent conservatives fight for our shared values. In Tallahassee, I have fought to prioritize Florida’s families, I’ve fought for parental choice, and I’ve fought to ensure our state remains a beacon of freedom for the rest of the world.”

Let’s take this battle to Washington, DC!

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About Kelli

Kelli Stargel is the Conservative Hero Who Delivers Results

While our freedom, our families and our way of life have been under attack by the liberal agenda, Kelli Stargel has been on the front lines, fighting alongside Governor Ron DeSantis to defend our conservative Florida values.

100% Pro Second Amendment

Kelli has consistently delivered when it comes to defending the Second Amendment. In 2022, Democrats filed 14 gun control bills that Kelli worked to prevent from ever being heard in the Senate as a member of President Wilton Simpson’s leadership team.

100% Pro Life

There is no stronger champion for the rights of the unborn than Kelli Stargel. That is why she has the endorsement of Florida Family Action.

Fiscal Conservative

Where Washington has failed Floridians over and over, Kelli has proven fiscal responsibility and a balanced budget are not only possible, but absolutely necessary for the health of our economy, our families and our businesses.

Protecting Women’s Sports

When socialist Democrats tried to allow biological males to take over women’s sports, Kelli fought back. She took on liberals in Tallahassee to pass the “Fairness in Women’s Sports Act” through the legislature and sent it to Governor DeSantis’ desk for his signature in 2021.

School Choice

Kelli has championed school choice for Florida’s families and helped pass the largest expansion of school choice in the country right here in Florida.

Free and Open Florida

When socialist Democrats tried to shut down our economy, Kelli fought back and protected our right to earn a living. When they tried to mask our children and mandate vaccines, Kelli fought back to defend the rights of students, parents and workers.

Parental Rights

When socialist Democrats tried to indoctrinate our children with Critical Race Theory and radical gender ideology, Kelli fought back and banned both in Florida’s schools.

Religious Freedom

When socialist Democrats tried to shut down our churches, Kelli fought back to ensure religious freedom is protected, even in times of emergency.

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